A high potential candidate is coming to town and good first impressions are a must. How can your organization best work with a recruiter to ensure the candidate leaves with the best possible vision of life on your team? Your candidate took time away from their family, traveled and expects a pleasant experience. The TDM top ten list ensures this will happen.
The TDM Top Ten

  1. Assign a point person for the candidate. This should be someone who can sell the virtues of the company and the community. No Debbie Downers.
  2. Prearrange fresh fruit or a Welcome Basket in the hotel room upon their arrival. Include a note that welcomes them to the community and tells them that you look forward to meeting them.
  3. Ensure someone meets the candidate at the hotel, at a designated time post check in, to ensure they have arrived safely, and accommodations are suitable. If the candidate is arriving late, plan a phone call instead.
  4. Prior to their visit, ensure dinner arrangements are made and communicated. The host or hiring manager should entertain the candidate for dinner. Never let a candidate wander through town looking for a place to dine!
  5. Arrange, ahead of time, for someone to meet the candidate for breakfast on the interview day. Have them follow the point person to the office.
  6. If the candidate is traveling with their spouse, make sure you have provided activities that include opportunities to see the local area. Someone should be assigned to take the spouse to lunch.
  7. Partner with a reputable real estate agency to be the “go to” agency and assist with area tours and real estate availability. Put them on a small retainer if necessary! Work together on how to sell the community and your company to a prospective candidate.
  8. Provide a “Visitors Welcome Guide” packet of local information (area map, entertainment guide, dining spots, local attractions) to the candidate. Send it to them in advance of the trip or have it waiting in their hotel room with the fresh fruit.
  9. Provide a packet on your company, product brochures, benefits summary, interview itinerary, map to the office etc.
  10. Remember, the candidate needs to feel like you want them to join your company. Make sure as they arrive for the interview you include the following:
     Offer the candidate the opportunity to use the restroom
     Offer a cup of coffee or bottle of water
     Review the interview itinerary
     Discuss expense reporting for covering travel expenses
     Discuss what to expect during this interview process

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